Our chief gardener Ben Corah exhibited this garden in 2013 at BBC Gardeners World Live...

Ben won a RHS silver gilt medal for his efforts, which is extremely good for a first time entrant.

The task was to design a garden based on a theme of his choosing, to be contained within several square metres and bordered by timber sleepers.

The theme was titled 'Surrender'

His submitted brief is this:
'At the centre of this design stands the beaten down old potting table as it has for years, still standing and preserved as it was last used, the old algae covered terracotta pots remain stacked waiting for the day that they may be used again. The surrounding fauna encroaches towards the table as digitalis self-seed into the gravel each year and geraniums spill over the path blurring the edges between mass and void. The foliage and form of the plants relate to the theme of a cottage style garden while the soft colours of the flowers complement each other and tie the elements together'

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