Stonetree's reclaimed brick path provides just the right finishing touch on the outside...

Brown and Jones of Rutland built these outbuildings, who referred us on for completing the outside paths.

Our clients wanted to achieve a traditional barn cluster at the end of their garden that would quickly look like it's stood the test of time. With the buildings nearing completion, we were brought on board to help realise the outside space.

They wanted to build a reclaimed brick path, using reclaimed blue bricks laid side by side to create a rural yard effect, and it was down to us to source the bricks. Knowing how expensive reclaimed brick can be, we sourced the bricks from one of our previous customers who had excess blue bricks left over from the removal of one of their walls. By doing so, we had saved a handsome sum for our client, which also went into the pockets of our previous clients, helping them to get rid of their excess bricks and make a bit of money at the same time.

This was a particularly challenging project for us, as there were five different sizes of bricks for building the reclaimed brick path, all of which had to be laid in such a way as to keep the width of the reclaimed brick paths the same size.

Having visited the site a year after completion, the end result is such that the buildings and reclaimed brick paths look like they have been there for years. The project was also a nominee for the RIBA East Midlands Award 2016.

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