"I love how it looks when the sun shines on it, good job Sam!"                                                                                          

It was a pleasure for us to be able to build a bespoke shed, it’s not often we get a chance to create something like this!

The clients of this house needed some extra storage space in their front garden. Instead of putting up a standard shed, they opted for something a little extra special. As they also required a wood store, they decided to combine the two to form one structure. The only place to locate such a shed was at the very front of their property, next to the road. Given the bespoke needs of the client, a full design was required to plan the structure. Planning permission was also necessary, something which Stonetree sorted directly with Melton Borough Council prior to construction.

The green roof has been finished in Sedum, a semi-evergreen perennial that grows to 10cm in height. The main support posts and door framing are Douglas fir and the walls have been clad in Larch Waney Edge, securely fixed to pressure treated structural timber using stainless steel ring shank nails. At the base of the sides lies a very low height wall built from blue engineering bricks, and the whole structure sits on a single steel reinforced concrete slab.

Designed with maintenance in mind – The Sedum provides excellent ground cover on the roof, preventing most weeds from growing through. The roof has actually been designed and built to take the weight of a couple of people, so if the odd weed does manage to peep through, it’s possible to get up there and pull it out. The Douglas fir and Larch timber can be left unattended, although it will turn a silver colour as the tannins gradually wash out. Alternatively, the clients could choose to apply a preserver to the wood every few years, to ensure that it keeps its colour.

The Larch Waney Edge boards and the Douglas fir posts and door frames came from Belvoir Sawmill, click here for their website.

The Sedum mats came from, click here for their website.

Stonetree Landscapes Ltd, working with Belvoir Sawmill &


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