For a second time, our chief gardener Ben Corah exhibited this garden in 2014 at BBC Gardeners World Live

Ben won a RHS gold medal for this exceptional piece, reflective of the time and patience he invested in his exhibit.

The task was to design a garden based on a theme of his choosing, to be contained within several square metres and bordered by timber sleepers.

The theme was titled 'Urbanised - made urban in nature; taking on urban characteristics'

His submitted brief is this:
'The Sheet steel rill, part rusted as if it’s redundant of its original purpose gives way to clean cut new stone, which reaches above the thick planting giving the border its urban characteristics. This border reflects that which has happened to Birmingham in the past and present, turning from the industrial heart of the country and the centre of the canal network to a national conference and commercial centre. The old industrial canals that were once lined with derelict warehouses are now regenerated and used in conjunction with nature to inspire, educate and help people escape from city life.

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