"We love the block path, we think it looks great, thanks very much to all of you, we've really enjoyed having you around"

A beautifully restored stone cottage in Burton Lazars required some elements of its garden reconstructing, including its stone wall and paths.

We discussed many options with our clients who decided on a block path leading to a resin bound path, with the adjacent stone walling rebuilt entirely.

We carefully dismantled the existing stone wall and painstakingly removed the old mortar. We relaid the old stone using a lime and sand heritage mix, replacing pieces that were damaged beyond repair. We managed to save a lot of the moss that was present on the stone so that the wall remained looking old after we'd finished. The old concrete slab path was replaced with brindle coloured blocks, leading to a resin bound path.

As the pictures show, the new paths and stone wall help to tidy that little corner of the garden and we're really pleased with the result.

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