"We are very pleased with the work undertaken and were very impressed with Sam and Ben's work ethic and attention to detail and would be pleased to recommend the company to others"

This garden featured a dated concrete patio with sprawling weeds a wonky slabs. The owner wanted a completely fresh look whilst keeping the overall layout of the existing patio the same. They enjoyed the old layout, which was one of a main patio area and a path leading around the house, plus a point to access the raised lawn from the main patio.

As the lawn was higher than the paving by up to two feet in places, walling to completely surround the patio and path was necessary. We gave a number of options in our quote, from simple brick walling to match the house, to ironstone. We were pleased that our client opted for the ironstone option as stonework is something we love to carry out, and the results look much better than brick walling.

We pointed the patio using a buff coloured a pointing compound to complement the paving. The patio was finished using Limestone slabs, which are less porous and more durable than sandstone slabs, requiring less maintenance for our clients. The cope for the walling was finished using 305mm wide Yorkstone slabs by Westminsterstone. We pointed the Ironstone walling in a buff coloured mix to complement the red and orange colours in the Ironstone.

We carried out this job in February 2017 and it took us about 5 weeks to complete, with a few days off due to bad weather. Excavating the site was time consuming – the only access to the rear garden was through a door, meaning we could only get a micro digger to help with the ground works. After about two weeks, the ground was all excavated and we took three weeks to complete the walling, steps and paving.

Our clients generously provided many cups of tea and coffee throughout the project, thanks Keith and Jacqui!

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