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new driveway


“Our driveway looks great, with just the right amount of hardstanding and plants, thanks Ben and Sam for your hard work” The front garden resembled a typically neglected 1970’s style garden, mostly lawn with a side path formed from concrete paving slabs. The brief was to completely renovate the front garden into a driveway that […]

landscaping gold medal


For a second time, our chief gardener Ben Corah exhibited this garden in 2014 at BBC Gardeners World Live Ben won a RHS gold medal for this exceptional piece, reflective of the time and patience he invested in his exhibit. The task was to design a garden based on a theme of his choosing, to […]

rhs silver gilt medal 2013


Our chief gardener Ben Corah exhibited this garden in 2013 at BBC Gardeners World Live… Ben won a RHS silver gilt medal for his efforts, which is extremely good for a first time entrant. The task was to design a garden based on a theme of his choosing, to be contained within several square metres […]

stonetree planting


Our client had recently moved into their home where their garden was a blank canvas, just waiting for a touch of charm to be added. Being avid gardeners, they wanted to get involved with their garden, to the point that they took our design and carried out the planting and landscaping themselves. Being quite a […]

decking in Derbyshire


A unique contemporary decking design for one of our valued customers in Melbourne… When our clients saw our show garden at Gardeners World Live 2013, they loved the planting so much that they snapped up one of our cards and got in touch. The house is a very nice new build with some modern features […]


  1. Hi Ben and Sam,

    I’ve just checked out your company and I’m looking for landscape professional to improve my back garden with vision. I would appreciate to hear from you.

    Janet Moore

    • Hi Janet,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The best thing to do would be to email Ben, you can find his contact details on our contacts page, email or phone would be best.

  2. we build bespoke orangery’s world wide and have a project in South Croxton near Leicester that starts in September and as part of the works the client would like us to build a walled garden which will surround our two orangeries we have approximately 240sqm of terrace and paths to lay including 3no sets of steps all in new York-stone. Their will be drainage to sort as well, is this something you would be interested in quoting for.

    • Hi Nigel,
      Thanks for getting in touch. This all sounds like the type of work we carry out. It would be best to have a chat. I’ve just looked up your company and will call tomorrow

  3. Hi, I’m Charlie
    Looking at your website and recommendations from others. I would like a simple decking. Please leave a reply if this would be possible.

    Charlie Progres

  4. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for getting in touch. We’re currently booked out for the best part of a year at the moment so it doesn’t look like we can help you on this occasion.

    Thanks for enquiring anyway and good luck with your project.

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